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Not   all paws are also toys

Not   all paws are also toys

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What is PawsToy?

That's simple. PawToys are plush duplicates of real animals from Horjul shelter. They can be ordered on webpage and soon they'll be at your doorstep. Then their owners can daily take care of PawToys in same manner as if they were real animals. This will enable you (and your kids) to see whether you're ready for adopting a real dog or cat. The purpose of the project is to highlight the importance of responsible pet ownership, since many of them are abandoned after holidays due to lack of interest.

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How can you help?

Make one-off donation.

Your donation helps covering numerous costs – from sustaining the equipment, paying for vaccinations, vet check-ups and many others.


Share with friends.

Your voice can go for a long stroll. Share the word about PawToys and spread it among your frineds. #tačkaigracka

Adopt from afar.

All PawToys have their »real duplicats«, who stay at our shelter. To make sure his dwelling is as comfortable as it can be, you can also choose a long distance pet adoption.

Adopt from afar