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Noses of the project

Horjul Shelter presents social campaign PawsToy, which enables pet lovers to get known with animals before adopting them in a bit different way – by adopting their push toy duplicats from our shelter.

The campaign is based on notion that adopting a pet is a task full of priceless joy but also everyday responsibilities. PawToy are a direct response to raise awareness about taking care of pets.

We created the campaign in cooperation with Pristop and Renderspace agencies.

The poses of real animals and PawToys have been captured in photo lens by Primož Zanoškar.

Primož Antloga assured that every toy looks like if it had stepped out of a bandbox.

How can you help?

Make one-off donation.

Your donation helps covering numerous costs – from sustaining the equipment, paying for vaccinations, vet check-ups and many others.


Share with friends.

Your voice can go for a long stroll. Share the word about PawToys and spread it among your frineds. #tačkaigracka

Adopt from afar.

All PawToys have their »real duplicats«, who stay at our shelter. To make sure his dwelling is as comfortable as it can be, you can also choose a long distance pet adoption.

Adopt from afar