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Likes acoustic metal concerts and tea parties, where she ususally falls asleep. No one knows why exactly but she doesn't care why as well.

Toy Description

PawToy will get to you from second hand, which means it's already experienced in bringing joy to children. It is made of plush, machine washed and repaired to make it ready for everyone no matter the size of your home.

Who's the real
biscuit ?

pri nas

As her name suggests a really sweet cat, who likes playing around, hanging out with kids and other people. His medical record is perfect - he's been vaccinated, castrated and has a microchip. Perfect for staying inside.

  • Likes meeting new people.
  • Likes hanging out with other cats.
  • Adores everything related to ball games.
  • Very friendly with kids.
  • Feels comfortable around other dogs.