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White Satin


Likes steps of all shapes, but avoids escalator steps, which by his opinion represent technological development and haste for any price. That's why he defends slowing down and having a lot of time for good sleep.

Toy Description

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Who's the real
white satin ?

with us

The real Bono is typical of his breed type and loves a good gallop and playtime before curling up for a snooze. He’s a clever boy who loves training and learns quickly, so would suit owners who are happy to continue his education in the home.

His bouncy ways mean that he is best-suited to a home with older children who are confident around large, playful dogs. Bono has never lived with another dog but could potentially live with a dog who could be a good “role model”. Any children or dogs in the home would need to meet him at the centre during the rehoming process.

  • Knows how to sit (and lots of other stuff).
  • Needs someone near by all the time.
  • Prefers not to live with cat.
  • Loves fuss and attention.
  • He could live with children of primary school age.
  • May be able to live with another dog.