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White Satin


Likes steps of all shapes, but avoids escalator steps, which by his opinion represent technological development and haste for any price. That's why he defends slowing down and having a lot of time for good sleep.

Toy Description

PawToy will get to you from second hand, which means it's already experienced in bringing joy to children. It is made of plush, machine washed and repaired to make it ready for everyone no matter the size of your home.

Who's the real
white satin ?

with us

Full of energy and eager to learn responding to basic commands. He likes to ball games and gets along well with other people, kids, cats and dogs.

  • Still has to learn obeying commands.
  • Likes meeting new people.
  • Likes cats.
  • Adores everything related to ball games.
  • Very friendly with kids.
  • Connects with other dogs easily.