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General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are active since 14th December 2018. The General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may be amended at any time.

General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of business and use of website are formed in accordance with Consumer Protection Act, Personal Data Protection Act and Electronic Commerce Market Act.

The website is managed by ZAVETIŠČE HORJUL, zavod za oskrbo, nego, zaščito in vzgojo hišnih in izgubljenih živali, Smrečje 55, registration number: 6030980000, tax ID number: SI: 58869000 (in continuation also organiser) 


The provider will use personal data exclusively for the needs of successfully reaflising the events and the necessary communication. The access to personal data and data management will be available to the following legal persons:

  • Zavetišče Horjul will use the personal data exclusively for the needs of the successful execution of the activation and adaptation of activation in the following year.
  • Pristop d.o.o. will use the personal data exclusively for the needs of activation execution and adaptation of the activation in the following year.

The user’s personal data will in no way be revealed to unauthorised persons. The users themselves are responsible for data protection by ensuring the safety of the computer and the operating system.

The provider ensures a lasting protection of all of the user’s data. The data will be protected with care until their destruction. All the data will be erased in 36 months after the conclusion of Tačke Igračke activation.

The user of the company’s services agrees that the data they will provide in an electronic form will be used by the company in order of the successful execution of the event and adaptation of Tačke Igračke activation in the following year, while the organiser agrees to the lasting protection of all the personal data in accordance with the current legislations. If the user no longer wishes to receive online news and promotion messages from the company, or wishes to review the data the company is keeping, they may contact or unsubscribe from the news. The instructions on how to unsubscribe can be found in each issue of the electronic news and in the e-mail, as well as in the user’s profile or by contacting The user’s data will not be revealed to unauthorised persons under any circumstances. The users themselves are responsible for data protection by ensuring the safety of their e-mail address, username and password as well as the appropriate programme (antivirus) protection of their computer.


The provider respects the current legislation on Consumer Protection. The provider will attempt their best to fulfill their obligation to form an effective system of settling the complaints.

The seller will confirm to the user in five (5) working days that their complaint has been received, will note the user on how long the process of settling the complaint will take and will inform the user about the process throughout.

The organiser realises that the core characteristics of the user argument, at least when it comes to legal solutions, is the difference between its economic value of the demand and the costs created by the solution of the argument. This is the main reason for the user to not start the legal process. Therefore, the organiser will do their best to resolve any arguments consensually.

In cases such resolution is not possible, the argument will be resolved by competent court in Ljubljana.

To resolve any complaints, please contact us at

The user is accepting General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the event’s organiser and the regulations of the institution the event is taking place at.

The user is bound by the General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The organiser holds the right to amend the General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Any agreements will be resolved by the competent court in Ljubljana.


All contents published on the website are owned by the Pristop and Zavetišče Horjul and fall within copyright or other types of intellectual property protection as stipulated by law.

Documents published on these web pages can only be used for non-profitable purposes and cannot be altered, transcribed, copied, republished, sent by mail or in any other way distributed for commercial purposes without the express written approval of the Pristop and Zavetišče Horjul.

All reproductions or examples of contents from these web pages must retain in full all the copyrights, other notices on intellectual property or notices regarding other rights (© 2018 Pristop and Zavetišče Horjul – All Rights Reserved).


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